The Story

The way you live is defined by your location and relationships;

the way you love is defined by what you do for them.



I grew up in a family of realtors in The Bay Area, and my primary influence is my mother, who joined the real estate industry in the early 90’s. I learned one very important lesson from her that I carry with me in my career—to always put my clients’ best interests first in order to defy the odds and achieve more. I understood at a very young age, the value of developing strong relationships built on trust and sincerity, which has carried through each aspect of my life--both personal and professional.

Of course, school brought me to LA, and after graduating from UCLA with a degree in psychology, I fell in love with the fast-pace and diverse character of Los Angeles--The City of Dreams. I have since built a new life here with my two sisters, who have been my core foundation of support throughout my career.

After careers in finance and sbe, I quickly realized that I was an entrepreneur at heart. I took the leap of faith towards finally putting my Real Estate Broker’s license to work, and it’s been a fun ride. This is exactly the spirit I inspire in people. I invite you to push away your fears, focus on what you want, and defy what’s possible with me.



The newest member of Tiffany Chin Real Estate, Heather, is also new to Los Angeles. Heather moved to LA in August 2016 to pursue new adventure both personally and professionally. Personally, Heather loved the idea of more places to see, things to do, and people to meet. Professionally, moving to LA gave her the opportunity to make a career shift. For several years, Heather dreamed of getting her real estate license. Now, she will finally start the process.

Heather moved to LA from Denver, Colorado. In Denver she worked in sales and event planning for the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche.  She loved the client interaction and fast-paced, competitive environment. Plus, she’s a huge sports fan!

Growing up in a military family, Heather is no stranger to new experiences. Her ever-changing background has given her an understanding of how to adapt, understand, and evolve. Those characteristics is what she attributes to her success and confidence.

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The Promise

We are in the business of building lives through matching

people with homes that fit their unique lifestyle.

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Our greatest asset is the relationships we have with our clients.  We are driven to honor, not just the freedom of your choices, but the value of your decisions. When you choose to work with us, we consider it an honor to be a part of the biggest purchase of your life, so we commit ourselves to reciprocate this honor by guiding you to achieve your goals in each and every stage of your real estate life.

We never just go through the motions, because you deserve to go through the emotional roller coaster ride. It makes this milestone that much more fulfilling--a bit of anxiety to start (our job isn’t to sugar-coat anything), confidence and then elation--experiencing all the rewards that come with achieving your goals. When clients confide and place their trust in us, they know they cannot fail. They know they’re cared for. They know that they are with a friend.

For us, life is about relationships. It’s important for us to nurture and deepen the connections I have with the people around us to better understand them and their needs.

Our promise simply shines through

unparalleled service, exceptional rapport, and a strong belief in YOU.

Tiffany's Bucket List

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✓ 1. Run a half marathon. Up next...a marathon? Do I dare?!

2. Go zip lining

3. Attend Oktoberfest in Germany

✓ 4. Start a masterminds group for women who strive for a lifestyle driven on achieving more (in their personal relationships, in their careers, etc.).

5. Visit every continent

6. See the Northern Lights

7. Visit the Seven Wonders of the World

8. Paint the view of Myanmar's romantic Inya Lake

9. Purchase Euro Trip for Grandpa

✓ 10. Be a tourist for a day in LA

✓ 11. Catch a fish